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Domestic Violence

A Caring Family Law Attorney Helping Clients Obtain or Defeat Restraining Orders

A dedicated lawyer assisting those in the Cape May County  area harmed by violence or accused of doing so

If you fear for your safety due to domestic abuse, it’s important to know your legal options. My firm works hard to protect those who have been abused or fear that they may be abused by a person they know. I  help clients in the Cape May County area and throughout South Jersey obtain a restraining order against anyone they currently or formerly lived with whom they believe will hurt them. These orders place restrictions on accused abusers so that they are not in a position to harm you. These orders are issued to prohibit someone who has threatened you with harm from having any contact with you. If you have been unfairly accused of domestic violence, I will strenuously oppose the entry of a restraining order against you.

A responsive New Jersey advocate helping clients with restraining orders

Restraining orders are issued to protect victims of abuse by keeping the accused abuser away from the abused.  These orders provide relief that may include:

  • Stay-away provisions  These require someone to stay away from the person who filed the order. They may also need to stay away from their home, school and place of business.
  • No-contact provisions — New Jersey courts can issue orders preventing someone from attempting any contact with the protected person.
  • Support provisions — These may require the payment of support to you and your children.
  • Forfeiture of weapons — An abuser may be ordered to give up their weapons.

If your partner seeks a restraining order against you, the order can have significant consequences for you. You may be removed from your home, your weapons may be confiscated, your children may be permitted only limited time with you and you could be required to pay money to your spouse or partner on a regular basis. If your accuser unfairly accused you of domestic violence, it is essential that you oppose a restraining order in court. Restraining orders, once entered, can be very difficult to dismiss so it is essential to defend against the order before it is made final.

Contact a compassionate family lawyer for immediate help with a restraining order.

At my firm, I provide skilled and prompt help to clients who are either asking the court to grant a restraining order or are fighting against one. Call today at 609-465-9910 to schedule a  consultation at my office.

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